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    OECD report: Fear of enforcement drives fight against corruption


    Fear of enforcement and the consequential reputational fallout of an enforcement action are the top drivers for developing an anti-corruption compliance program, states a new report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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    A country-by-country analysis of anti-corruption efforts in Latin America


    CCOs looking to navigate the fluid corruption risk environment in Latin America will want to review a newly released report on how countries are uncovering, punishing, and deterring corruption—particularly now, amid a pandemic.

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    New index assesses Latin America’s anti-corruption efforts


    Chief compliance officers and chief risk officers will want to check out a new index that assesses Latin American countries’ ability to uncover, punish, and deter corruption.

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    Anti-corruption developments in emerging markets


    In a recent webcast conducted by law firm Gibson Dunn, a panel of anti-corruption experts shared some key insights into the latest anti-corruption developments in some of the world’s largest—but most corrupt—regions and offered some practical tips on how to do business in these countries without running afoul of anti-corruption ...

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    SFO Airbus investigation indicates new normal in financing and compliance


    The Serious Fraud Office investigation into Airbus emphasizes the importance of compliance program best practices for borrowers in obtaining funding and loan guarantees, especially in light of the latest trend: government oversight. Tom Fox reports.

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    Anti-corruption efforts slowly gain steam in Latin America


    A majority of executives in Latin America may think their country’s anti-corruption laws are ineffective, but a recent survey by  law firm Miller & Chevalier and 13 partner firms based in the region offers evidence of region-wide improvements in corporate compliance measures. Joe Mont has more study details.

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    Report: Whistleblowing Seen as “Disrespecting Authority” in Latin America


    Latin America remains a hot spot for investors from every industry and markets around the world. But corruption in this region continues to run rampant and creates greater compliance risk for multinationals doing business in Latin America. According to a recent report, the top seven compliance risks for companies ...