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    Henry VIII and the Great ‘Control and Paste’ Repeal Bill


    The U.K. government’s Great Repeal Bill has been dubbed the “Control and Paste” Bill, because it seems to take EU law & paste it into English law ... but how does Henry VIII factor in?

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    Trump adds Icahn as a regulatory hatchet man


    President-elect Donald Trump has added investor activist Carl Icahn to his transition team as a special adviser on issues relating to regulatory reform. Joe Mont has more.

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    Podcast: Trump, in his own words, on regulation


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we offer selected soundbites from President-elect Donald Trump that detail his views of importance to public companies.

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    Survey finds mid-sized businesses still challenged by ACA


    The recently released ADP Midsized Business Owners Study for 2015 looks at how that market segment is responding to regulatory and compliance challenges, notably obligations under the Affordable Care Act. Regulatory concerns appear to be increasing. In 2014, only 30 percent ranked managing the layers of government regulations as the ...

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    House Passes Regulation-Cutting SCRUB Act


    Federal legislation that seeks to eliminate outdated and duplicative regulations was passed in the House of Representatives last week. The Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act, which awaits a Senate vote, would establish a bipartisan commission to review existing federal regulations and identify those that ...

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    Behind China’s Regulatory Disarray


    Image: More informed people than me can, and have, painted crisp pictures of the regulatory chaos currently unfolding in China. The latest is an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal today, “China’s Response to Stock Rout Exposes Disarray,” that is well worth your time if you do business there. ...

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    France Lags Behind in Global Corruption Fight


    France has drawn international attention amid a string of scandals that engulfed some of the country’s largest companies. When compared to the United States, experts believe that French authorities are more lenient on wrongdoing. The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development is “seriously concerned” by the country’s “lackluster response” toward ...

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    NLRB Push Forces Rethinking of Social Media Policies


    Through numerous rulings last year, the National Labor Relations Board reshaped the boundaries of acceptable social media policies companies can impose on employees. The result: an unsettling world where, yes, employees might be allowed to curse a manager or to use corporate e-mail to raise pro-union sentiments. Compliance officers might ...