LRN, a provider of ethics and compliance knowledge solutions and advisory services, recently added ten new training courses to its online education library.

The new training courses, which feature a variety of topics, lengths and instructional styles, include:

Catalyzing Conversations Toolkit: Data Privacy and Protection—EU Edition: The materials in this toolkit provide everything employers need to engage a general audience in an offline conversation around the topic of data privacy and protection, specifically for participants in the European Union.

Code of Conduct Part I & Part II: These modular Code of Conduct courses use a conversational tone, vibrant imagery and challenging, real-life scenarios to help employees recognize the business benefits that can be derived from ethical, values-based behavior.

Developing an Ethical Culture: This course describes the company's commitment to fostering a healthy corporate culture and examines each individual's responsibility to help maintain that culture.

Monster at Work: A Workplace Bullying Vignette: This course is designed to increase awareness of the types and effects of bullying in the workplace.

The Impostor: A Careful Communications Game: This course is designed to illustrate the importance of careful communication and the potential consequences of careless communication.

Too Much Information – A Social Networking Vignette: This course is designed to increase (or refresh) awareness of the proper use of social networking.

Wide World of Workplaces: An Ethical Leadership Vignette: This course is designed to increase awareness around ethical leadership.

Inside-Out E-mail: Proprietary Information and Cyber-security: This course is designed to refresh awareness around the importance of protecting company proprietary information

Protecting Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets: This course identifies characteristics that elevate normal competitive information to the level of a trade secret, and describes some steps employees can take to protect their company's trade secrets from outsiders.