LRN, an ethics and compliance advisory services and education firm, today announced the launch of Catalyzing Conversations Toolkits, a turn-key solution designed to help mid-level managers start a dialogue with employees about the organization’s code of conduct and policies, as well as actively engage employees in E&C training.

“As more corporate leaders recognize the impact of organizational culture on the bottom line, they are also starting to realize just how important mid-level managers are in shaping a culture of ethical behavior,” said Marsha Ershaghi Hames of LRN's Education Advisory Services. “We’ve developed the Catalyzing Conversations Toolkits to help this frontline group create a consistent, effective 'tone in the middle' using the blended learning strategies that research shows are the most effective way to educate.” 

The Catalyzing Conversations Toolkits integrate video, e-learning modules, and experiential discussion guides to provide all the resources required for a mid-level manager to facilitate/lead effective and engaging ethics and compliance sessions. Each toolkit contains a leader’s guide, facilitation techniques, video vignettes, and PowerPoint presentation wrapped as an online, trackable toolkit.

Toolkits are comprised of two learning modules, each designed for an approximately 30- minute experience, which can be delivered in one session or in two shorter sessions on a variety of available topics, including anti-bribery and corruption; sexual harassment; conflicts of interest; data privacy and protection; and ethical leadership.

“These toolkits are intended to break the ice and start real conversations around issues that can pose serious risks to an organization,” said Jean-Marc Levy, president of ethics and compliance solutions at LRN. “Providing managers with step-by-step guidance allows them to confidently facilitate a live learning session that effectively engages employees and fosters ethical behavior at every level of their organizations.”