Metalogix, a provider of unified management software, recently announced the launch of ControlPoint 7.0. With new, embedded security intelligence, ControlPoint 7.0 delivers real-time situational awareness into suspicious SharePoint user activity to help prevent costly data breaches and leakages.

Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager with ControlPoint 7.0, provides a powerful security combination and reinforces Metalogix' commitment to deliver a new era of unified management software to optimize the availability, performance, and security of content across the collaboration lifecycle.

As opposed to conventional, passive SharePoint security solutions which include a mix of permissions management and compliance-driven reporting functions, ControlPoint 7.0 delivers intelligent monitoring and content awareness, filling a gap in the existing SharePoint security model. This new software product provides real-time situational awareness into suspicious user activity with around the clock monitoring into what users are doing and accessing in SharePoint. It pinpoints unauthorized access and alerts on suspicious behavior up to, and including locking users out of  SharePoint.   

ControlPoint 7.0 features technology that uses real-time machine learning to analyze and detect suspicious patterns of activity in SharePoint and prevents unauthorized access to content. This advanced technology monitors SharePoint continually and alerts on suspicious behavior, tracking behavior anomalies and unauthorized access based on geo-location to protect against both internal and external threats. By providing insight into the content users are accessing, including when, where, what time and how often, ControlPoint can help organizations avoid unauthorized access and usage.

Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager when used with ControlPoint 7.0 is redefining Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for securing sensitive content such as PII in SharePoint both in the cloud and on-premises. Powered by advanced machine learning technologies, Sensitive Content Manager surpasses existing data protection strategies and provides a far higher degree of accuracy for context aware identification, filtering and classification of content.