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    Guide for practitioners: How to effectively monitor anti-corruption compliance


    In a guest column for CW, Uber’s senior counsel for global compliance helps to outline a best-in-class compliance monitoring program. 

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    How character relates to compliance


    Merely having in place a paper compliance program does not account for the human condition, which unfortunately is not always pure of heart, writes The Man From FCPA, while considering a recent book, “The Character Gap,” by Christian Miller.

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    CFPB warns financial companies about sales incentives


    The CFPB is warning the financial world to be leery of sales quotas that can lead to consumer harm and legal violations. Joe Mont has more on a bulletin from the Bureau that addresses best practices for a targeted compliance monitoring program.

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    Compliance monitoring and artificial intelligence


    As compliance programs must deal with growing amounts of data, they need tools to help separate true risks from background noise. Jose Tabuena examines.

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    Hurry-Up Offense on Employee Surveillance


    Image: Surveillance of employee activity is nothing new in the financial services sector, but the financial crisis, the LIBOR scandal, and other misconduct are driving new demands for smarter, better surveillance. Inside, we look at some of the IT challenges to extracting better intelligence from your data. The goal is ...

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    The Consequences of Baltimore and Body Cameras


    Image: The protests and riots in Baltimore last week over police brutality make the question of body cameras for law enforcement ever more pressing. Are they effective controls against misconduct? Yes, Compliance Week editor Matt Kelly says. But when you consider what they say about the state of our ethical ...