Compliance and audit executives looking to kick back with your peers and debate the finer points of enterprise risk management, rest easy—Compliance Week is holding another of our executive roundtables soon, on that very point. If you would like to attend, continue reading.

Our next roundtable will be in Orlando on Tuesday, Sept. 15. We cap attendance at 14 people, and it is a two-hour meeting in the afternoon followed by a cocktail hour. The formal title is “Compliance Collaboration to Drive ERM,” but really we want to get a frank conversation about questions like:

How do you, the compliance officer, ensure the right teams are working together to assess all your risks?

How much confidence do you have in your controls to keep those risks within tolerance levels?

How do you marshal all that risk, control, and compliance activity into an ERM plan that you can align with corporate strategy?

As always, our roundtables are free to attend and off-the-record, to give you a relaxed environment to talk about your approaches to ERM. We also restrict attendance to in-house corporate executives only; as much as we love the vendors and service providers—who really do have good, thoughtful insights on the subject—this event is geared for corporate compliance and audit professionals.

Our sponsor for this roundtable is Workiva, and we will hold the roundtable as part of its annual user conference happening in Orlando at the same time. So if you already plan to attend the Workiva event, think about joining us. We can also pull a few strings to let you sneak into some (not all) of Workiva’s user conference earlier in the day too, if you’re interested.

As I mentioned, we do cap attendance at 14 seats, and most of them are already spoken for. So if you’re looking for a good opportunity to talk about your ideas, strategies, efforts, successes, or struggles to move from compliance programs to a more cohesive risk management effort, email me at