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    With harassment reports rising, it’s important to respond the right way


    Rising harassment reports in the wake of the #MeToo movement is highlighting best practices forn how compliance should react to these allegations.

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    How compliance can demonstrate return on investment


    CCOs shared how they demonstrate to senior leaders and board members the compliance program’s return on investment during the recent virtual compliance conference.

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    Using metrics to gauge corporate culture


    At a recent ethics and compliance virtual conference, ethics officers shared their approaches for gathering and using metrics to gauge corporate culture.

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    Elements of a best-in-class TPRM program


    Prudent ethics and compliance officers will want to check out a new third-party risk management benchmark report from NAVEX Global to gauge how their programs compare against their peers.

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    Striving toward a better ethics and compliance training program


    NAVEX’s 2017 report on ethics and compliance training is out, and the results are required reading for compliance officers eager to know how well their programs compare to their peers.

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    Mending ethics and compliance gaps in EMEA and APAC companies


    While many companies place a high importance on creating an ethical culture, their ethics & compliance priorities for the coming year seem strangely out of step.

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    Mitigating third-party risks


    Most companies by now understand the escalating risks that third parties pose to their business and are ramping up their third-party risk management efforts accordingly. Even still, many struggle with how to achieve full transparency into the breadth and depth of their third parties, exposing themselves to significant legal and ...

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    Resolving Compliance and HR Turf Wars


    Image: Compliance and HR have been tussling for years over which function owns company culture, when the truth is both have a crucial role to play. “If HR and compliance could come together and realize and accept that they’re on the same team … it could be a really powerful ...