Thursday marks an important milestone for Compliance Week, a culmination of months of planning and building the customized digital platform our subscribers deserve.

Returning users: Reset your passwords

All Compliance Week subscribers and previous registrants are required to reset their passwords before logging in to the new site for the first time. For help, email us or call customer service at 888-519-9200.

And no, we’re not calling it a Website “redesign,” because it goes much deeper than that. It’s more of a digital replatforming that will give you the tools to deliver more of the content you want in a much cleaner, more organized format and optimized for whatever screen you happen to be on. It also gives you the capability to customize your experience, track your clicks and downloads and interact with other subscribers.

Among the new features:

  • Personalization: If you take a minute (literally, 60 seconds) to select the compliance topics most important to you, we’ll deliver a customized homepage tailored to your interests. Every one of our subscribers could potentially have a different-looking homepage, transforming a one-size-fits-all content layout into a hey-this-fits-me-just-right point of entry. And it won’t just be articles in your personalized feed. It will also include e-Books, Thought Leadership, video, and podcasts. At launch, your “My CW” section (just below the top story area) will be populated by content on the topics you’ve selected, but down the road you’ll also be able to customize by industry and geography.
  • Three subscription tiersOur core subscription will remain the same (unlimited digital access plus our bimonthly print magazine), but we’re introducing a digital-only product at a lower price as well as a super-sized option: a CW membership that includes digital access, the print magazine, and a pass to one of the five conferences we’ll be putting on over the next 12 months. We’re also introducing a new monthly pricing plan with recurring credit card payments.
  • Special reports: Our bimonthly special reports will be smartly packaged in a new format that will allow you to easily navigate between stories (check out an example here). We’ll be experimenting with some fun new layouts and graphical presentations, utilizing design options that will make the digital experience much more like the magazine. Make sure to check out our first special report on the new platform when we unveil the Top Minds Class of 2019 on Tuesday, May 7.
  • New tools for subscribers: We mentioned personalization, but there’s much more to explore in the “My Account” section. You can create your own profile page, manage your preferences, bookmark stories for later, post comments and interact with your fellow subscribers in ways we haven’t offered previously. If you’re the administrator for a corporate, multiseat subscription, you have a new suite of tools at your disposal as well.
  • New benefits just for registering: If you’re not ready to make the leap to become a subscriber just yet, you can register on the site for free and still reap benefits. Downloading our Thought Leadership pieces and e-Books will be much easier, as will signing up for live Webcasts. Registering as a new user will also get you a free 5-day trial subscription to check out all the content you want.
  • Enhanced metrics: The new platform will help us blend site traffic data with user information (anonymized, of course) in ways that will inform our coverage. If, for example, we see that a large percentage of subscribers personalize for “Accounting and Auditing” and registrations for a CECL Webcast are through the roof, you can bet you’ll be seeing a lot more of that kind of content. In other words, the topics and industries you care about most will play an increasing role in determining the storylines we spend our time on. Hooray, analytics!

There will be more enhancements down the road as we hone our audience-focused approach (new subscription models, topic- or industry-focused newsletters, weekly video, etc.), but like most changes, it will be gradual. For now, pump your fist with us as we celebrate this new beginning!