Many of us in the compliance community have wondered: Why aren’t more compliance officers portrayed in film and on television? And who would be the best actor to portray one?

These questions may finally be answered in an as-yet unnamed comedy that has been picked up by NBC for the next broadcast season, according to a recent story on NBC Insider.

The show will feature Jon Cryer of “Two and a Half Men” fame as Jim, a “sarcastic but good natured compliance officer who has little conflict in his life and lots of warmth and laughter,” according to Deadline.

The show will also feature actress Abigail Spencer playing Julia, Jim’s former wife and the successful owner of a crisis firm. Donald Faison from “Scrubs” is Trey, Julia’s new fiancé who is also the owner of the Boston Celtics and an MIT alumnus. Jim and Julia’s children will be portrayed by Finn Sweeney (“American Crime Story”) and Sofia Capanna (“Bucktown”).

The show is written by actor and writer Mike O’Malley, who was behind such shows as “The Good Place,” “Glee,” and “My Name is Earl.”

Among the producers of the show are Tom Werner, who has worked on shows such as “Roseanne,” “That 70s Show,” and “3rd Rock From The Sun” and who is also chairman of the Boston Red Sox, as well as Wyc Grousbeck, owner of the Boston Celtics; Emilia Fazzalari; and George Geyer.

Although the stories on the unnamed show do not mention the city it is being set in, Boston seems to be a logical choice. O’Malley was born in Boston and raised in New Hampshire. There are Boston connections among the producers, and there is the Boston Celtics connection in the show’s description.

It just so happens Compliance Week’s office is located a block from TD Garden, home of the Celtics and Boston Bruins.

Coincidence? Why yes, it is a coincidence.

We’re hoping the show’s producers read this story and the tweet below and realize they have a team of local compliance experts ready to offer advice to make the show as realistic as possible. We even pledge to help Cryer with his Boston accent.