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    ISS seeks comment on proposed voting policy changes


    Paul Hodgson looks at proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services’ proposed changes to its 2017 voting policies.

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    Make it clearer, says Financial Reporting Council


    The Financial Reporting Council has given audit committee chairs and finance directors a shopping list of improvements it expects companies to make to their annual reports. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    Auditor rotation: Are we going round in circles?


    Mandatory auditor rotation is an idea that goes in and out of favor among various countries, leading to no common practice anywhere. So, Paul Hodgson asks: Why is the whole world chasing its tail on this issue?

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    Theresa May: Champion of the workers, poor, and oppressed?


    Paul Hodgson provides an in-depth look at Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s comments during the Conservative Party conference this month and what they mean for Britain’s future.

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    The rewards for corruption in British football


    U.K. footie can’t claim to be “the beautiful game” when it’s being stained by corruption. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    IoD rates FTSE 100’s corporate governance


    Paul Hodgson looks at results from the Institute of Directors’ recent survey that ranks the FTSE 100’s corporate governance methodologies. See who scored highest and who has more room for improvement.

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    Sports Direct: realising the error of some of its ways


    Embattled U.K. sports retailer Sports Direct is making some outward signs of trying to reform itself in light of the brutal working conditions at its stores. But is any of it substantive? Paul Hodgson investigates.

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    Mind the pay gap, especially if you are older and a mother


    New rules from the U.K. government requiring firms with 250 or more employees to publish specific details on pay, including compensation differences between the sexes, should put a dent in the male/female wage gap. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    I’m alright, Jack: worker representation on boards


    As new U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has recommended worker representation on company boards, the question arises: Would this be better handled by promoting voluntary adoption, or by setting legal requirements? Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Post-Brexit, is the sky falling in the U.K., or is it business as usual?


    A mix of positive and negative indicators signal an uncertain economic impact for the U.K. from its June 23 Brexit vote, but the longer-term view still trends negative. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Private companies next up for governance revolution


    Paul Hodgson explores the Institute of Directors reissuance of its governance guidance for private companies, with updated references to the OECD governance principles and the Bribery Act. Oliver Parry, IoD’s Head of Corporate Governance, warns: “You can ignore it, but we are telling most private businesses that they need to ...

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    FRC issues new Audit Firm Governance Code


    The U.K. Financial Reporting Council has updated its Audit Firm Governance Code in an effort to improve investors’ faith in accounting practices. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    U.K. CEO pay: rebuilding trust between owners and managers


    Two reports issued last week strongly criticized U.K. executive pay. But, perhaps more importantly, both also welcomed many of the new Tory Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals on pay and corporate governance. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    Sports Direct is a Victorian workhouse or a gulag, not a warehouse


    A case of shocking workplace conditions within a European Union-era United Kingdom raises an unsettling question, says Paul Hodgson: Once Brexit occurs, will cases like this become more likely?

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    BHS: asset strippers, chancers, and governance failures


    Parliament released a scathing report on the sale and management of retail chain BHS in late July. The report, says Paul Hodgson, led to calls for someone to be stripped of his knighthood—a first in Parliament history.

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    Monitoring corporate culture


    A recent report from the Financial Reporting Council offers guidance to board chairmen on how to promote corporate culture. The report advises boards to align values, exercise steardship, and demonstrate leadership, among other steps. Paul Hodgson provides an in-depth look.

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    Audit quality improves as a result of oversight and regulation


    Revised EU audit rules have formalized the Financial Reporting Council's role as the United Kingdom’s competent authority for audit. This and more developments have created a regulatory regime that is actually improving audit quality across the board. Paul Hodgson has more.

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    EU tackles tax abuse in the wake of Panama Papers


    The Panama Papers document leak shed much light on a deep and pervasive effort to evade taxes. Since then, the European Union has passed a number of new rules to improve tax transparency and close tax loopholes. According to CW’s Paul Hodgson, the EU is only just getting started.

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    Change to U.K. CEO pay or regulation seen as inevitable


    As experts examine what really drove the Brexit-empowering “leave” vote, a recent PwC report shows that widespread dissatisfaction with what is seen as excessively high levels of top executive pay in the U.K. is an issue larger than the Brexit itself. It pinpoints something companies can address on their own...or ...

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    Theresa May’s post-Brexit, Euro-style governance reforms


    Out of the post-Brexit chaos, Home Secretary Theresa May is poised to become the new U.K. Prime Minister. She supported Remain, but stands by Brexit, so where will she steer the ship? Her first speech gives some indicators, and Brexiters might not like the sound of them. Paul Hodgson has ...