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    N.Y. State Pension Fund scrutinizes executive pay


    The New York State Common Retirement Fund has reached agreements with Microsoft, CVS, Macy’s, TJX, and to reexamine their executive pay policies.

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    Did some companies fudge their pay ratio disclosures?


    As the initial batch of disclosures to meet requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s pay ratio rule trickle in, activists are already flagging concerns that companies may be a bit too creative with their calculations.

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    Early pay ratio filings show a disclosure demand in progress


    As initial pay ratio disclosures hit the books, investors are finding some supplemental disclosures and thinking creatively about where to place the new data.

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    SEC offers interpretive guidance, scenarios for pay ratio rule


    Lacking a reprieve from its effective date, the SEC has released interpretive guidance intended to assist companies in their efforts to comply with the controversial pay ratio rule.

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    SEC’s controversial pay ratio rule still alive and problematic


    The SEC’s rule requiring companies to disclose the ratio between CEO and average worker pay persists despite much pushback from business and government alike.

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    Ways companies can ease the pain of pay ratio calculations


    Despite a controversial reconsideration of the SEC’s pay ratio rule, its disclosure requirements went into effect on Jan. 1. We talk to compensation expert Steve Seelig of Willis Towers Watson, about how companies, and the Commission, can make the requirements more palatable.

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    Love it or hate it, opinions abound over SEC pay ratio rule


    As the public comment period expires on the SEC’s controversial pay ratio rule, we review the commentary, both pro and con.

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    Senators demand investigation into SEC rule reconsiderations


    A quartet of Senate Democrats are demanding that the SEC’s inspector general conduct an investigation into Acting Chairman Michal Piwowar’s “reconsideration” of the agency’s pay ratio and conflict minerals rules.

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    SEC seeks compliance horror stories about pay ratio rule


    Acting SEC Chairman Michael Piwowar has announced that the pay ratio rule, described as triggering “unanticipated compliance difficulties,” is under formal reconsideration.

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    New guidance delves into pay ratio disclosure dilemmas


    It may not cure the many headaches regarding compliance with the SEC’s pay ratio disclosure rule, but there is new guidance from the SEC for boards and CCOs to mull over. Joe Mont reports.

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    Top CEO pay not always result of shareholder return


    Joe Mont explores new research from The Conference Board that says CEOs at the nation’s top companies have landed atop the list of the 25 highest paid executives every year since 2012, a trend that may have little to do with the price of company stock.

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    House votes to defund enforcement of SEC's pay ratio, conflict minerals rules


    The House of Representatives has approved Rep. Bill Huizenga’s (R-Mich.) amendments to a financial services appropriations bill that would defund enforcement of the SEC’s controversial pay ratio and conflict minerals rules, both requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act. Joe Mont provides a closer look.

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    Survey: public underestimates CEO pay, still outraged


    Image: A recent survey of 1,202 individuals by Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance shows the American public believes CEOs take home much more in compensation than they deserve. “While we find that members of the public are not particularly knowledgeable about how much CEOs actually make in annual ...

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    SEC Petitioned for Gender-Based Pay Ratio Disclosures


    An investment adviser to the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund has filed a rulemaking petition with the SEC, seeking a requirement that companies disclose gender-based pay ratios on an annual basis. “We believe that pay equity is a useful and material indicator of well managed, well-governed companies, and conversely, ...

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    Piwowar: SEC Must Focus on Materiality, Not Social Issues


    Image: Don’t believe the hype about divisiveness at the SEC. The increasingly common occurrence of split votes along party lines is a byproduct of Congressional mandates, notably through the Dodd-Frank Act, that wedge social issues into the disclosure regime at the expense of materiality. That’s the word from Commissioner Michael ...

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    How Bad Is SEC Politicking? Pretty Bad


    Image: That the SEC endures its share of politics is not exactly news—but the amount of politics, and the sheer partisan in-fighting at the agency? That’s rising. Split votes are more common, published dissents from commissioners more frequent. “Sometimes when I see what’s going on now, I’m sorry I ever ...

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    Final Pay Ratio Rule Gives a Few Compliance Breaks


    Image: Some good news now that the SEC’s much-maligned pay ratio disclosure rule is here: Companies forced to disclose that comparison of CEO compensation to pay of the median employee might find the final rule less onerous than the original proposal from 2013. “The biggest surprise is that the SEC ...

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    Piwowar Jabs Again at Pay Ratio Rule


    Image: SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar has taken the rare step of publishing a second statement opposing the newly adopted pay ratio disclosure rule (not to be confused with his first statement of outrage last week). The length and tone of the statement add fuel to the theory that his criticisms ...

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    SEC Adopts Divisive Pay Ratio Rule


    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s pay ratio rule is now final, approved by a 3-2 vote on Wednesday. The rule requires a comparison of CEO pay to the compensation of the median employee. Concessions to corporate concerns include the ability to exclude up to 5 percent of non-U.S. employees when ...

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    SEC Sets Aug. 5 Date for Considering Final Pay Ratio Rule


    The wait is over. On Aug. 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission will consider whether to adopt a rule requiring public companies to disclose the ratio of the annual total compensation of the chief executive officer to the median of the annual total compensation of the company’s employees. The proposed ...