Penny Mallory

Penny Mallory

Resilience has been defined as “the ability to recover from an adverse situation” or “the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.” Mentally tough, resilient people are able to bounce back again and again from adversity and will soldier on regardless. They simply don’t give up.

These types of people see challenges and adversity as an opportunity—not a threat—and have the confidence and positive approach to take what comes in their stride. They don’t crumble under stress and pressure, and that’s why the mentally tough thrive.

Developing your resilience matters because goals and outcomes will become more possible, leading to better performance, improved and sustained wellbeing, positive behaviors, a greater level of aspiration, and importantly, building stronger relationships with others more quickly and more robustly.

If you are interested in building your resilience, I have an exercise you for that will increase your discipline, increase your ability to focus, improve your circulation, stimulates weight loss, and helps to relieve anxiety and depression. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This challenge will take 100 percent commitment—not 99 percent. When you commit to do something 99 percent, you leave yourself 1 percent open to other options. This 1 percent is the Danger Zone. It’s where you have a constant tug of war; you can wriggle and talk yourself out of something. 99 percent means it’s really just an exercise, an experiment, or a trial run.

Commit to this challenge 100 percent, and there will be no tug of war. Your commitment must be complete, with no get-outs, excuses, options, ideas, or alternatives.

Here’s the challenge: I want you to take an ice-cold shower every day, for seven days, starting tomorrow. You won’t like it at first, but within two or three days, you will be exercising your resilience muscles, developing discipline, and demonstrating that with commitment and focus you are able to achieve something unpleasant—that in fact, by the end of the week, you will almost be enjoying.

You will feel alive, buzzing, refreshed, and confident—I promise you. Try it, but remember: You’ll need 100 percent commitment.