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    President orders agencies to create regulatory task forces


    President Trump has signed an Executive Order requiring that government agencies establish a Regulatory Reform Task Force to evaluate existing regulations and identify those that should be repealed or modified.

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    Conflicts of interest already hound Trump


    President-elect Trump won the White House by offering a break from politics as usual. But he is already displaying a worrying array of conflicts of interest, writes Bill Coffin.

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    Financial Services Roundtable questions presidential candidates


    The Financial Services Roundtable is asking presidential candidates to give their views on judging the effectiveness of U.S. financial regulators, increasing transparency into SIFI designations, and the future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. More from Joe Mont.

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    No matter who wins the Presidential race in November, compliance officers might lose


    After watching the most recent Democrat and Republican Presidential debates, one begins to wonder what the next President will seek to achieve on various regulatory fronts. Between candidates’ promises to regulate more strongly, or to deregulate entirely, it looks like no matter who wins in November, compliance officers are poised ...