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  • File transfer hack

    Shades of SolarWinds in lessons from MOVEit hack


    A ransomware attack affecting some of the U.K.’s largest corporations has highlighted once again how exposed organizations can be if the levels of cybersecurity used by their third parties are not as strong as expected.

  • ransomware training device cluster 2022

    Ransomware Attack: A scenario-based immersive learning

    Take this self-directed, interactive immersive study of a fictional cyber event based on real-life scenarios to deepen your understanding of the importance of crisis management planning and put you in the shoes of a compliance leader during a ransomware attack. 

  • Ransomware Glossary

    Ransomware case study glossary


    The field of cybersecurity features a growing list of terminology to describe the many forms, channels, and motivations behind cyberattacks and hacking culture. Learn further definitions for some key terms featured throughout the ransomware case study.

  • Ransomware

    Takeaways from NYDFS ransomware guidance


    The New York State Department of Financial Services has issued guidance for regulated entities describing best practices for reducing the risk of a ransomware attack.

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    Assessing yet another ransomware attack on critical supplier (JBS)


    Meatpacker JBS USA has become the latest critical infrastructure company to be targeted by a ransomware attack, which temporarily halted its global operations. The attack brings with it implications for the food and agriculture industries.

  • Comey CW2021 blog

    James Comey: Lessons from Enron era will ‘become real again’


    Former FBI Director James Comey kicked off Compliance Week’s 16th annual National Conference on Tuesday by speaking candidly about a variety of risk and compliance matters, including the importance of a strong ethical culture in the coming post-pandemic “boom times.”