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    Czech Bankers Concerned About New EU Rules


    Czech bankers are worried about new European rules that may pose systemic risks to countries across Europe. The legislation, which is currently being reviewed by the European Commission will cause big depositors and bondholders, instead of national regulators, to incur more losses. Bankers are worried that this could lead ...

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    Accounting Scandal Takes Down Toshiba’s Head Honcho


    Image: Hisao Tanaka, chief executive of Toshiba Corp., is expected to step down in September in light of accounting missteps at the Japanese conglomerate. The domino effect will continue as key board members are rumored to be leaving over the next few months. News reports indicate that top executives ...

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    EU Regulator Charges MasterCard Amid Breach of Antitrust Rules


    Image: MasterCard is once again in the spotlight, as the European Commission has swooped in on the company’s potential abuse of interchange fees. After a two-year investigation, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said, “MasterCard is artificially raising the costs of card payments, which would harm consumers and retailers in the European ...

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    Bankers Need to Clean Up Their Act, Allianz Exec Says


    Image: Elizabeth Corley, global chief of Allianz Global Investors, warns that there can be serious consequences to the economy if bankers continue to engage in reckless misconduct. Corley says rogue bankers often see wrongdoing as a minor rather than a serious offence, which can lead to bigger problems for financial ...

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    India Attempts to Tackle the Supply Side of Bribery


    India’s Union Cabinet recently approved amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) that will expand the scope of the law to corporate executives. Currently the law prohibits corrupt acts by public servants and government officials, who have been at the center of enforcement actions. Over the years, government corruption ...

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    Google’s Antitrust Investigation Continues


    Image: The European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager confirmed that the watchdog is continuing its investigation into Google for allegedly engaging in anti-competitive behavior. In an interview with BBC, Vestager said that more probes are ongoing into the tech giant’s role in mapping, travel, flight, and third-party data. Details inside. ...

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    Survey: Overloaded CCOs Expect Increased Personal Liability


    Compliance officers have two fears on their minds these days: increased regulatory fatigue and overload; and the threat of increasing personal liability for corporate misconduct. More than one-third of all firms already spend at least one day every week simply tracking and analyzing regulatory developments, according to Thomson Reuters’ annual ...

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    EU Antitrust Regulators Focus on e-Commerce


    Image: The European Union is looking into the possible breach of antitrust laws in e-commerce practices. The inquiry may lead to enforcement actions against companies that restrict online sales and “abuse” their dominant position in the market. Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust chief, said that although the investigation will produce ...