Biden AI executive order tips hand on areas of regulation focus

AI law

It’s all hands on deck at the White House to put into motion the dozens of directives in President Joe Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence (AI), according to a senior official in his administration.

Biden made clear to his staff and agency employees that they should “pull every lever” to meet the mandates—including drafting regulations—called for in the sprawling, 63-page order, said Nik Marda, chief of staff for the Technology Division in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, at an AI global governance conference put on by the International Association of Privacy Professionals on Thursday. The executive order on development and use of AI was released Oct. 30.

The order aims to make AI safe for public and government use while encouraging innovation in the burgeoning field, Marda said. Its mandates cover the creation, standards, and testing of AI and AI-generated content; transparency about its use, privacy protections; and national and global security.

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