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    KPMG report: World’s largest companies slow to address climate change risks


    The world’s 250 largest companies are not doing very well in recognizing and measuring financial risks related to climate change, so we’ve got some advice to those who are behind the curve. 

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    FDIC Refreshes Guidance on High-Risk Customers


    Gun merchants, strippers, and payday lenders rejoice! The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has signaled an end to its effort to restrict industries deemed as “high risk” from banking access. The FDIC tells banks to take a risk-based approach in assessing individual “customers, rather than declining to provide banking services to ...

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    Survey: Financial Institutions Stymied by Conduct Risk


    Financial institutions may talk a lot about “conduct risk,” but few actually approach it with a clear definition and focus. Eighty-one percent of respondents in a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Accelus say they do not have a working definition of what conduct risk is. A big reason: regulators leave ...

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    SEC Searching for Rules Violations in Piles of Data.


    One of the more significant trends in enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission recently may not be immediately obvious. Last month, an enforcement sweep resulted in charges and fines against 28 officers, directors, and other shareholders for failing to promptly report required information about their holdings and transactions ...

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