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    Exxon to challenge OFAC over Russia sanctions


    The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has slapped ExxonMobil with a $2 million civil penalty for violating Ukraine-related sanctions regulations, an action that Exxon is legally challenging.

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    FCPA and Pursuing Foreign Officials: The Mikerin Example


    Image: Many Europeans wonder why the U.S. Justice Department does not prosecute foreign officials who receive bribes in violation of the FCPA. The reason, according to CW blogger Tom Fox, is that the FCPA is a supply-side law that does not criminalize the receipt of bribes. But the Justice Department ...

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    Russian Artist's 'Bribe Envelopes' Quickly Sell Out


    A Siberian artist has taken a humorous poke at Russia's growing reputation for corruption in business and government through the creation of specialized "bribe envelopes."