Keysight Technologies, a successor entity to Anite Finland, has reached a $473,157 settlement with the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control regarding subsidiary dealings in the sanctioned country of Iran.

“Internal correspondence disclosed by Keysight shows that prior to acquisition, Anite had business with Sudan, Syria, and Iran, particularly for the benefit of the South African telecommunication company MTN Group’s subsidiaries in Iran and Syria,” settlement documents released Thursday state. “Prior to its acquisition by Keysight, Anite communicated that it would cease all existing and future business with Sudan, Syria, and Iran.”

Approximately one month after acquiring Anite, in September 2015, “Keysight informed Anite that sales to Sudan, Syria, and Iran should no longer occur. Keysight thereafter reiterated its instructions to Anite regarding the prohibitions on unauthorized trade with Sudan, Syria and Iran,” according to the documents. Ultimately, these instructions went ignored.

Keysight submitted a voluntary self-disclosure on behalf of Anite to OFAC, which then opened an investigation into the activities. According to OFAC, from approximately January to June 2016, Anite allegedly violated the Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations (ITSR) when it engaged in six exports of goods, with knowledge that such goods were destined for, and ultimately sent to, Iran.

“Keysight determined that certain Anite employees responsible for the transactions ‘were aware of the applicability to their activities of both Keysight compliance policies and U.S. export controls and economic sanctions regulations,’” noted the documents.

Each of the six orders disclosed contained export-controlled U.S.-origin content subject to the Export Administration Regulations, valued at $331,089, OFAC said. “The end-user for all six orders was MTN Irancell, a joint venture between the South African company MTN Group and a consortium controlled by the Government of Iran.”