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  • CashFlowExecutive
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    Change to U.K. CEO pay or regulation seen as inevitable


    As experts examine what really drove the Brexit-empowering “leave” vote, a recent PwC report shows that widespread dissatisfaction with what is seen as excessively high levels of top executive pay in the U.K. is an issue larger than the Brexit itself. It pinpoints something companies can address on their own...or ...

  • TheresaMay
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    Theresa May’s post-Brexit, Euro-style governance reforms


    Out of the post-Brexit chaos, Home Secretary Theresa May is poised to become the new U.K. Prime Minister. She supported Remain, but stands by Brexit, so where will she steer the ship? Her first speech gives some indicators, and Brexiters might not like the sound of them. Paul Hodgson has ...

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    Is this U.K. Shareholder Spring III?


    Amid numerous shareholder revolts at U.K. companies over executive pay, Paul Hodgson examines how, since pay votes became binding two years ago, the shareholders themselves are wasting no time to exercise their power in which might be less of a demonstration and more of a revolution.