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    Let’s check in on FASB’s disclosure projects


    Reporting companies have long had to include large amounts of information in the disclosures of financial statements, but that all might change for the better, says CW columnist Scott Taub.

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    10 things about the new revenue standard: Round 3


    CW columnist Scott Taub offers 10 more thoughts on why it’s crucial companies begin to implement the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s revenue recognition standard and what pitfalls await those who choose to delay.

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    Non-GAAP measures continue to draw attention


    Companies are striving to limit non-GAAP measures, as investors have lately expressed concern over their volume and the number of coinciding adjustments. Columnist Scott Taub helps companies answer the difficult accounting question, “Can we non-GAAP this?”

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    In defense of auditors


    Companies do a lot of complaining about auditors, but it seems like the auditor is in a no-win situation. In an attempt to get auditor and client on the same page, CW’s Scott Taub covers a few of the most common complaints about auditors, along with a few thoughts on ...

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    Non-GAAP Measures—The Pendulum Swings Back


    Non-GAAP financial measures—or “pro forma” measures—are an area for which the SEC has had an oscillating view, when it comes to regulation. Over the last 15 years, we have seen the SEC become increasingly strict on how, when, and where non-GAAP financial measures can be used without incurring additional questions ...

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    Defining a Material Issue


    You see the sentence all the time: “The provisions of this Codification need not be applied to immaterial items.” Those 12 simple words, while universally understood to mean “don’t include unimportant things in financial statements,” are still relatively unclear. In fact, applying the concept of materiality to accounting has gotten ...

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    A Focus on Transparency—of Auditing


    Expect lots of talk about transparency into auditing this fall. The SEC and PCAOB both have proposals to expand the disclosure to investors of how audits work, and what roles audit firms and audit committees play. Substantive changes are almost certainly coming, columnist Scott Taub says, so it’s time to ...

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    10 More Things Related to Revenue Recognition


    One year ago, CW columnist Scott Taub offered 10 initial thoughts on the then-brand new standard for revenue recognition. After working with companies to implement the standard and participating in FASB’s Joint Transaction Resource Group, Taub says he remains optimistic about revenue recognition. Now he has 10 more thoughts on ...

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    Why Simplification Isn’t Simple


    Simplicity in accounting is always a great idea, yet complexity always seems to be intruding into reality. This week, Compliance Week columnist Scott Taub tries to deconstruct why complexity endures, and why we may even see it creep into the ostensibly simplified new rule for revenue recognition. “Despite 10 years ...

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    The Strains Emerge on Revenue Standard Convergence


    Here we are with a converged standard for revenue recognition, a profound achievement for financial reporting. Now comes the hard part, Compliance Week columnist Scott Taub writes. Already we see some differences in how to interpret the standard in the United States and overseas, he writes, and we’ll need some ...

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    How Good Ideas Still Lead to Bad Reporting


    Every role in financial reporting is generally clear, which should lead to a relatively smooth process to issue financial reports—and yet, no. This month, Compliance Week columnist Scott Taub examines the peculiar inefficiency we have around adjustment of immaterial items. Even as participants in the reporting ecosystem all do their ...

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    Your 10-K Is Too Long; Here’s How to Shorten It


    Chances are your annual and quarterly financial reports are too long, and it’s not just that regulators and rulemakers require too much information. Lots of words in your filings are neither useful nor required. Since they aren’t important or necessary, take them out. Inside, columnist Scott Taub makes some suggestions ...

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