Is this real life? | Brazil had a couple strange headlines this week. First, a (former) Brazilian mayor was sentenced to 14 years in jail for embezzlement. Lidiane Leite stole cash from the town’s education budget and then went on the lam while continuing to govern the town via WhatsApp. This all happened after her former BF was ousted from his mayoral position on allegations of corruption—she ran in his place, won, and then hired him as her chief adviser. It all sort of spiraled from there. Then on Monday, a truck carrying CFA exams was hijacked, and all the cargo was stolen. Authorities don’t have high hopes of recovering the tests, but the  president of CFA Society Brazil is offering a refund or another chance to take the test. Just what every student wants to hear: You get to take the test again.

Cyber-shutdown | Back in September the SEC rolled out a new cyber-security unit, appropriately named Cyber Unit, aimed at cracking down on the world of cryptocurrency and ICOs. This week the Unit took its first major step and shut down an ICO scam. Charges were filed against the firm PlexCorps for claiming that they’d get a 1,354 percent profit for investors in 29 days. But even with the bad press, Bitcoin can do no wrong—this week the currency continued its unbelievable expansion and passed the $16,000 mark, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Wasn’t me | NY’s attorney general is eyeing Project Veritas’ charitable solicitation license. The conservative organization, known for posting exposés with secretly recorded videos, was founded by James O'Keefe in 2010. Prosecutors say O’Keefe wasn’t totally forthcoming about a past criminal conviction, putting the charitable eligibility in question. But Veritas has a defense up its sleeve: It claims O’Keefe, the founder and face of the company, “was not a director or officer of the company at that time.” Apparently director outranks founder.

Bada Bing | If you’ve been missing The Sopranos, New Jersey feels you. Satin Dolls, where the Bada Bing club scenes were shot for HBO’s hit, is the current target for New Jersey’s AG. For the last few years they’ve been under investigation for being unable to account for large sums of money flowing through the place, and the attorney general now wants to shut it down. The club has until the 17th to close up shop or face more charges.