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    GE, third-party risk, and Spotify’s IPO


    General Electric is under investigation by the SEC, Spotify is raising eyebrows over IPO tactics, and Thailand’s fishing industry could spell out big third-party risk complications.

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    Dropbox, HSBC, and the CFPB


    In case you missed it this week, Dropbox filed confidentially for an IPO, HSBC settles over money-laundering allegations, and the CFPB is giving loan-sharks some slack.

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    SEC, ICO scams, and Bitcoin


    This week: Bitcoin shows no signs of stopping as it hits more records, the SEC makes first moves against ICO scams, and a Brazillian mayor tries to govern via WhatsApp.

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    Uber, Bitcoin, and PwC


    Title: Uber, Bitcoin, and PwCThis week, Michael Flynn becomes the latest indictment on Mueller’s list, Uber steps up its corruption game to espionage, and PwC has its first Bitcoin transaction.

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    SEC, UPS, and the MLB


    Title: SEC, UPS, and the MLBThis week, the SEC comes under fire for whistleblower complaints, UPS joins the blockchain bandwagon, and two individuals connected to the MLB are convicted of smuggling.

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    Global exits, the SEC, and the Manafort Indictment


    This week the Trump administration announced plans to exit more global initiatives, the SEC sent a warning to pop stars about cryptocurrency, and a local blogger may have aided in the case against Manafort.

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    Insider trading, GAAP, and Newegg


    Title: Insider trading, GAAP, and NewIn case you missed it this week, despite reminders from the SEC, T-Mobile releases non-GAAP data; the CEO of a German stock exchange operator resigns; and Newegg faces charges of co-conspiracy.

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    Tasers, subsidy fraud, and Kobe Steel


    Title: IPOs, subsidy fraud, and Kobe In case you missed it this week, e-Commerce company Stitch Fix filed for an IPO, the Czech candidate for PM is slated to win despite fraud charges, and Japan’s corporate compliance takes another hit.

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    Harvey Weinstein, Obamacare, and Google


    Title: Harvey Weinstein, Obamacare, aThis week, the scope of corruption surrounding Harvey Weinstein is growing bigger by the day, Google hands over evidence of Russia-linked ads on their sites, and President Trump makes moves to raise “repeal and replace Obamacare” back from the dead.

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    Kushner, the NRA, and Brazil


    This week, the NRA supports reviewing regulations, Jared Kushner gets handed a class-action lawsuit, and Brazil is still pretty corrupt.

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    Deloitte, Price, and Bitcoin


    Title: Deloitte, Price, and BitcoinIn case you missed it this week, bribery scandals come to light in the world of college basketball, cyber-security attacks hit Deloitte, and Florida players may or may not be charged after stealing thousands of dollars.

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    Facebook, CFPB, and the Mafia


    This week Facebook tries to get onto offense, a Mafia-linked fraud scheme was taken down by a DUI, and the Department of Education and CFPB break up.

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    Mnuchin, KPMG, and RPMs


    In case you missed it this week, the Mnuchins are wishing the internet could forget a few things, KPMG might be the latest victim of the #GuptaCurse, and in the wake of devastating hurricane action to hit the southwest, companies are showing just how unprepared they really were. And Uber. ...

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    ICOs, Santa, and the DEA


    Title: ICOs, Santa, and the DEAIn case you missed it this week, cryptocurrencies have a historic week, the military continues to ignore sexual misconduct allegations, and physically dragging passengers off of an airline isn’t considered a civil rights violation, after all.

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    SeaWorld, Mueller, and Congress


    In case you missed it this week, Mueller sidles up to a new lawyer involved in Paul Manafort's probe, politicians are eyeing a particular bribery-related trial, and SeaWorld get's a criminal investigation

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    The Lakers, KPMG, and Shkreli


    In case you missed it this week, the LA Lakers are under fire for potential tampering, KPMG coughs up $6m to the SEC, and pharma-bro Shkreli is having a rough time finding anyone who doesn’t hate him.

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    Coinbase, Nawaz Sharif, and Uber (again)


    In case you missed it this week, Uber's former CEO is going to have a hard time paving his way back to his old job, former PM Nawaz Sharif is under fire for lying about his income, and Coinbase reaches unicorn status.

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    Jay-Z, CBA, and Jazzercise


    This week a woman embezzles nearly $1m from a Jazzercise company, nepotism strikes Pakistan, and the CBA may have helped launder money.

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    Samsung, DMX, and Pakistan's PM


    In case you missed it this week: Samsung heir Lee Jae Yong decided against testifying, DMX is relevant again, a MS Word font outed a forgery by Pakistan’s prime minister, and more.

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    Walter Shaub, Bitcoin, and IPOs


    In case you missed it, Ethics Office Director Walter Shaub resigned after differences in opinion with the administration, bitcoin offers evaders new tax havens after the Panama Papers leak, and IPO regulations are taking the spotlight in this week's rundown of compliance news from around the web.