“Communications surrounding security need to be planned and continuous, and they need to be combined with appropriate training and governance.”– Partha Mukherjee, Chief Information Officer, Church’s Chicken.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, security challenges are becoming more complex. Organizations are faced with increasing risks that range from dealing with the changing IT landscape, to properly supporting the risk of adoption of social technologies, employee owned mobile devices, and cloud services. Senior management is probably expecting both unfettered use of mobile technologies and social media, and even airtight protection of data and devices. Organizations must develop governing strategies to support all their security endeavors, and ensure the enterprise security policy is understood and respected by all users.

This ExecBluePrint will describe what challenges are associated with using mobile devices and social media, while addressing whether the benefits outweigh the risks—both to the company’s data as well as online reputation. Hear what CIO professionals from Church’s Chicken, Aquent, and the IT Director from CareerSpecific.com have to say about the golden rules for orienting users to security programs, and learn what the must have strategies are for using social media safely and effectively.