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    Bill to expose shell companies passes House vote


    A proposed bill to crack down on anonymous shell companies passed a House of Representatives vote Tuesday and will progress to the Senate.

  • MoneyLaunderingTop

    Bill requiring shell companies to disclose ownership introduced in Senate


    Aimed at fighting money laundering, newly proposed legislation looks to mandate full transparency from shell companies on ownership and also fosters greater communication between financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

  • CapitalStorm

    Congress shows new resolve to combat shell companies


    The United States seems poised to finally tackle issues surrounding shell companies and their often-opaque beneficial ownership structures.

  • Blog post

    The continuing problem of shell companies


    Businesses must conduct more robust background checks and must work to improve their internal controls around all third parties to make sure one does not slip through the corporate cracks and cause great damage.

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    Shell companies and the who of corruption


    A key part of any fraud scheme are the attempts to keep it hidden, and many companies set up shell companies to do just that. A look at why shell companies can shield bad actors from the public record.

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    Uncovering shell companies


    Examining the pitfalls of shell companies.

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    Paradise Papers: The sequel to the Panama Papers


    Dubbed the Paradise Papers, more than 381 journalists in 67 countries embarked on an effort of massive proportions to parse through 13.4 million leaked documents—many that mention some of the world's largest companies—revealing that the shady world of shell companies, offshore tax shelters, and secret trusts is far more prevalent ...

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    The Panama Papers: of shell companies and tax evaders


    Long before the now infamous Panama Papers scandal made the headlines, Ryan Hubbs, a senior manager of fraud investigation and dispute services at EY, penned an article about shell companies that still resonates. Tom Fox discusses how this and other media can help companies avoid the same tragic fate.

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    EU calls for corporate tax transparency


    Image: The European Commission has proposed rules requiring multinational companies currently active in the EU’s single market with a permanent presence in the European Union and with a turnover in excess of EUR 750 million a year to disclose publicly the income tax they pay within the European Union, country ...