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    German competition authorities take Facebook to task


    Germany’s competition regulator has cited Facebook for forcing consumers to give blanket approval to the social media giant’s terms and conditions without being privy to how and how often their data is actually being shared.

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    Congressional debate emerges: How to regulate social media


    Fueled by election tampering and “fake news,” social media companies are creeping ever closer to facing new regulation.

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    Senators urge social media giants to block 3-D gun blueprints


    A group of Senate Democrats is urging leading technology companies to ensure that the publication of 3-D gun printing materials, which violate their terms of service, is not allowed on their platforms.

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    Social media basics for the CCO


    Building a robust Twitter feed is a must-have in every compliance toolbox. As such, compliance professionals need to brush up on social media.

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    Net neutrality repeal creates political chasms, raises regulatory conundrums


    The FCC has voted 3-2 to repeal so-called net neutrality. Next up: political battles and regulatory confusion.

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    Facebook, CFPB, and the Mafia


    This week Facebook tries to get onto offense, a Mafia-linked fraud scheme was taken down by a DUI, and the Department of Education and CFPB break up.

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    Uncontrolled text messaging exposes your company to massive risk


    Texting isn’t just dangerous while driving; unless you archive your company’s SMS/text message traffic, you risk substantial legal, reputational, and regulatory risk.

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    The power of social media


    Last week saw the resignation of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, and it all began with a blog post.

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    Social media compliance is growing up, with new tools, challenges


    As the financial services industry embraces social media, its compliance officers need new tools to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Tim Sprinkle explains.

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    Actiance Socialite solves compliance challenges for companies using Instagram


    Actiance, a communications compliance, archiving, and analytics provider, recenly announced enhanced Actiance Socialite support for Instagram, ensuring that companies using Instagram as an enterprise communication tool meet compliance mandates.

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    Bill Would Force Tech Companies to Report Terrorist Activity


    Social media sites would be required to report terrorist activity on their networks if newly reintroduced legislation gains needed support. The Requiring Reporting of Online Terrorist Activity Act would require technology companies to alert law enforcement agencies to online terrorist activity. The bill stops short, however, of requiring companies to ...

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    Is Social Media Considered ‘Real Monitoring’?


    A recent survey by Compliance Solutions at Charles Schwab found that compliance officers spend 11 hours per week monitoring their employees’ personal brokerage accounts, while half are closely monitoring social media platforms. One of the main challenges that compliance officers face is chasing data, which are “owned” by other departments. ...

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    Blockbuster Mergers Prompt 'Tweet' Disclosures


    “Safe, not sorry” is the approach companies currently involved in multi-billion dollar mergers are taking to their disclosures of social media communications to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Insurance giants Aetna and Humana, in the midst of a $37 billion deal, and Charter Communications(merging with Time Warner Cable), have disclosed ...

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    Mending Social Media Compliance Gaps


    Two recent studies hold both good and bad news on the state of social media compliance today: Compliance officers no longer approach corporate use of social media with the trepidation they once did, but those channels leave companies increasingly vulnerable to regulatory violations. According to these studies, the financial services ...

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    DOJ Joins Instagram ... Your Move, SEC!


    The DOJ sees your Pinterest account, SEC, and raises you an Instagram account! Today the DOJ announced on the front page of its website that it has taken the Instagram plunge.

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    Drug, Device Companies Face New FDA Electronic Submissions


    The Food and Drug Administration is overhauling how it accepts submissions for a host of filing requirements imposed on drug and medical device makers. For many, this will be the first time the submissions have ever been filed electronically. While the move away from paper documents may ultimately be advantageous ...

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    Study: Social Media Befuddles Compliance


    The average Fortune 100 firm has approximately 320 social media accounts and engages with more than 210,000 “followers” annually. The problem, according to a new study, is that the pace, scale, and informal culture of corporate social media creates regulatory risks that go beyond the traditional skill set of compliance ...

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    Advocacy Groups Looking for an SEC Superhero


    From the depths of the D.C. Metro system comes a social media campaign from an advocacy group that depicts SEC Chairman Mary Jo White as a superhero. The campaign revolves around the concept of White with a cape and an MJW logo, taking down the scourge of “dark money.” See ...

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    NLRB’s Brain-Dump on Lawful Company Policies


    Image: The National Labor Relations Board has churned out an extensive piece of guidance on what makes a company policy lawful or not, on everything from making disparaging comments (often can’t be forbidden) to talking with the media or regulators (forget about forbidding it) and many more. “The memo is ...

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    FTC, FDA Take Closer Look at Disclosures


    The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on companies with questionable advertising disclosures. The Food and Drug Administration, meanwhile, may allow shorter lists of side effects in drug and medical device ads, even as it prepares tougher standards for how these companies use online advertising and social media. The focus ...