Survey Report: Tech’s role in changing data privacy compliance landscape

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When it comes to keeping up with data privacy regulation, organizations would be wise to adopt a more comprehensive technology solution to drive efficiency and minimize human error.

Yet, most companies still hold fast to data compliance policies and procedures that depend on personnel for manual implementation and upkeep, according to a new survey from Compliance Week and information governance software provider Exterro.

The “Data Retention in 2023” study, conducted online between January and February, surveyed 173 senior-level executives in the compliance, audit, risk, and information security professions. This report will explore the poll’s results, including:

  • Evidence of false confidence in how well organizations are staying abreast of the dynamic data privacy regulatory landscape
  • How companies ensure their data retention policies and procedures reflect the most recent applicable state and international requirements
  • The difference technology can make in driving data retention efficiency

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