NAVEX whistleblower report finds third parties lead on business integrity

Whistleblower vector

A new report on corporate whistleblowing and hotline trends in 2023 found reporting volume at an all-time high, with key disparities uncovered between reports filed by third parties and those filed by employees.

The report, published Tuesday by NAVEX, contained whistleblowing data from 1.86 million global reports spanning thousands of organizations that together employ about 57 million people.

NAVEX, an integrated risk and compliance management software vendor, for the first time analyzed whether whistleblower reports were filed by third parties or employees. The report found third parties as a group delivered a far greater median share of reports related to business integrity matters in 2023 (50 percent versus 17 percent). Business integrity issues encompass topics like conflicts of interest, vendor issues, fraud, global trade, and human rights.

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