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    What banking CCOs need to know about new terrorist funding order


    Impacted financial institutions, including cryptocurrency exchangers, may want to review know-your-customer policies and anti-money laundering compliance in light of President Trump’s executive order.

  • Basel

    Basel Index finds slippage in AML efforts


    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, an international consortium that develops banking standards, has issued its “Basel AML Index,” an annual ranking of country risk regarding money laundering and terrorism financing. The overall conclusion this year, says Joe Mont: A majority of countries fall short in the effective implementation and ...

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    Bill Would Force Tech Companies to Report Terrorist Activity


    Social media sites would be required to report terrorist activity on their networks if newly reintroduced legislation gains needed support. The Requiring Reporting of Online Terrorist Activity Act would require technology companies to alert law enforcement agencies to online terrorist activity. The bill stops short, however, of requiring companies to ...

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    AML and CFT Risks: No Easy Solutions


    Image: By sad coincidence, Compliance Week held its first-ever conference in Dubai earlier this week, and the conversation inevitably turned to sanctions, money-laundering, and terrorism funding—just days after 130 people were killed in the Paris attacks. Compliance officers must pay attention to those issues like never before, editor Matt Kelly ...