For companies that track the number of women-owned entities in their global supply and marketing chain, global international business organization TRACE has been collecting this information for over a year. As part of the TRACE Certified Due Diligence process, companies can identify if they are over 50% women-owned.

The TRACE Intermediary Directory is a publicly searchable database of pre-vetted and trained small- and medium-sized enterprises worldwide. All companies listed in the Intermediary Directory have completed TRACE certification, a comprehensive due diligence review based on internationally accepted standards, and anti-bribery training.

Any company can search the Intermediary Directory by Company Name and/or TRACEcertification ID. Additional search and messaging features, including focusing a search on women-owned entities, are available to TRACE members and companies using TRACE due diligence services.

Women-owned entities headquartered in the United States, as well as in emerging markets such as Mexico and Saudi Arabia, are currently listed. Multinational companies operating worldwide now have the ability to easily identify and work with women-owned third parties.

“By allowing TRACE Certified entities to identify themselves as women-owned they have greater visibility for multinationals seeking to work with women-owned business partners,” said TRACE President Alexandra Wrage. “TRACE is making it simple for companies to identify and work with women-owned intermediaries and build diverse supply chains.”

Gender parity in the workforce is widely accepted as a foundation for faster, more inclusive economic growth in both developed and emerging markets. TRACE is glad to facilitate these efforts by making it easy for companies to identify women-owned intermediaries worldwide.

Wrage founded TRACE in 2001. With a dynamic international team that is over 50% female, TRACE is committed to creating a supportive, diverse, and inclusive environment at TRACE and in the broader compliance and legal community.