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  • Bribery

    ​TRACE enforcement report highlights anti-bribery trends from 2022


    The United States broke from a three-year downturn in bribery-related enforcement actions, while Brazil continued its emergence in the space, according to the results of the latest annual Global Enforcement Report by nonprofit TRACE.

  • EuroMoney

    TRACE: How the GDPR interferes with anti-corruption compliance


    Anti-bribery business association TRACE has submitted its overview of new issues that have emerged in the fight against foreign bribery due to implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Blog

    TRACE improves anti-bribery compliance accreditation program


    Anti-bribery compliance organization, TRACE, has introduced improvements, such as new course content, to its training and accreditation program that offers a professional credential for anti-bribery compliance specialists.

  • Article

    The pros and cons of ISO 37001 certification


    ISO has released a new anti-bribery standard, but not everyone is convinced that they actually need it, reports Jaclyn Jaeger.

  • TRACE-Matrix2

    New Bribery Index Aimed at Corporate Use


    Companies have a new resource to help assess bribery and corruption risks in the countries where they operate, one that aims to be more meaningful to global companies than Transparency International’s widely used Corruption Perceptions Index. Trace International’s TRACE Matrix is intended specifically for corporate use, and it analyzes four ...