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    English Court of Appeal preserves litigation privilege


    An English Court of Appeal decision giving companies the right to protect documentation gathered during an internal investigation is a blow to both U.S. and U.K. regulators, who have grown increasingly concerned that firms may be hiding critical evidence under the guise of it being “privileged.”

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    MPs slam U.K. attitude to workplace sexual harassment


    Employers, regulators, and the U.K. government are not doing enough to tackle “widespread” instances of sexual harassment in the workplace, according to Members of Parliament committee.

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    Theresa May outlines her vision for Brexit


    Two years after U.K. citizens voted for the country to withdraw from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May at last unveiled her vision of Brexit.

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    SFO charges Barclays a second time over fraudulent $3B Qatar loan


    Barclays will face charges of unlawful financial assistance in relation to an illegal transaction during the height of the financial crisis to keep the bank from failing.

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    Equal pay fast becoming a U.K. compliance issue


    Disputes over discrepancies in compensation are rapidly involving both boardrooms and human resources in ways that compliance will ultimately oversee.

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    CBI: Adoption of existing technologies will solve productivity problems in U.K.


    CBI, the U.K.’s leading business group, finds that the slow adoption of existing technologies and management practices is fueling the U.K.’s deep-seated productivity problems, creating disparities in productivity and pay among businesses.

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    Cordium expands data protection consulting services to U.K.


    Cordium has expanded its cyber-security and data protection consulting services to the U.K. to help investment firms prepare for and manage the requirements of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation.

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    U.K. corporate governance reforms


    Neil Hodge explores the government’s corporate governance reform proposals relating to executive pay; strengthening the employee, customer, and supplier voice; and large, privately held businesses.

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    Is it impossible to operate cleanly in some countries?


    Corruption may be seen as being “endemic” in some regions, but that cuts no ice with prosecutors in the United Kingdom. To them, a bribe is still a bribe.

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    New U.K. watchdog to close money laundering loopholes


    The U.K’s new Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision said that it will tackle potential weaknesses in the supervisory system that criminals and terrorists may be trying to exploit.

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    Countdown to MiFID II: Europe’s stickiest red tape?


    MiFID II is looming, and it’s not just European companies’ problem—it will affect U.S. firms as well. An in-depth look at the rule provides companies with a checklist to assess their readiness.

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    Henry VIII and the Great ‘Control and Paste’ Repeal Bill


    The U.K. government’s Great Repeal Bill has been dubbed the “Control and Paste” Bill, because it seems to take EU law & paste it into English law ... but how does Henry VIII factor in?

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    Yet another brouhaha over pay in the U.K. is brewing this year


    Bringing CEO pay in line with lower-rank workers isn’t a bad idea, but implementing it poorly can make it one.

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    U.K. FCA issues strong new financial crime reporting rules


    Taking issue with numerous reports that London is an ideal environment for money laundering and other financial crimes, the city is fighting back, writes Neil Hodge.

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    Post-Brexit, is the sky falling in the U.K., or is it business as usual?


    A mix of positive and negative indicators signal an uncertain economic impact for the U.K. from its June 23 Brexit vote, but the longer-term view still trends negative. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Complying with Brexit


    As the United Kingdom gets ever closer to withdrawing from the European Union, no small amount of economic turmoil and compliance headaches are sure to follow. For compliance officers at companies doing business in Europe and the United Kingdom, the possibility of a Brexit provides the sort of job security ...

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    Britain Moves to Increase Corporate Transparency


    U.K. companies will soon be required to create a register of owners who hold “significant control” over a company and its assets. Under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, companies will have to create and maintain a database of information about their decision makers that can be accessed ...

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    U.K. Financial Regulator Issues Priorities for Coming Year


    Image: Title: WheatleyBritain’s Financial Conduct Authority released a laundry list of priorities for the upcoming financial year, pledging to continue work on concerns like poor culture and technological developments while ramping up efforts on financial crime, the pensions sector, and individual accountability. “This is an important day in terms of ...

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    European Commission Probes Antitrust Breaches in Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium


    Image: Title: VestagerThe European Commission handed down a preliminary decision that a Bulgarian state-owned energy concern was breaching antitrust rules by blocking access to the gas supply infrastructure. It is also investigating breaches in Spain and Belgium. Margrethe Vestager, the commissioner in charge of competition policy, said: “We need to ...

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    European Commission Unveils Tax Transparency Package


    Image: The European Commission has unveiled a package of legislative proposals that it hopes will hinder abusive tax practices and aggressive tax planning, by providing greater transparency on what companies pay and where. “Tolerance has reached rock bottom for companies that avoid paying their fair share of taxes, and for ...