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    Equal pay fast becoming a U.K. compliance issue


    Disputes over discrepancies in compensation are rapidly involving both boardrooms and human resources in ways that compliance will ultimately oversee.

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    SFO: Tell-tale signs of money laundering


    Serious and organised crime costs the United Kingdom an estimated £24 billion a year, states a new government report setting out the threats posed by money laundering. With the report, the government relaunched its “Flag it Up” campaign to raise awareness and show how the legal and accountancy sectors can ...

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    OECD: Brexit to weaken U.K. economic growth


    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development projected that Britain’s exit from the European Union will result in a sharp slowdown in economic growth in the United Kingdom.

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    BAE Systems strikes blow to U.K. manufacturing sector


    Defense contractor BAE Systems has just dealt a major blow to the U.K. manufacturing sector, following today’s announcement that it will be cutting nearly 2,000 jobs.

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    Leaving the sinking Brexit ship


    Several banks and other industries are jumping ship from the United Kingdom. But what will this all mean for compliance officers?

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    U.K. mulls new fines for lax cyber-security measures


    Organisations that fail to implement effective cyber-security measures could face significant fines, as part of plans to make Britain’s essential networks and infrastructure safe, secure, and resilient against the risk of future cyber-attacks.

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    U.K. government seeks views on NIS Directive


    The U.K. government this week published a consultation seeking views on its plans to implement the EU’s Network and Information Systems Directive, which is due to come into force in May 2018.

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    A double whammy for the cosy club


    Directors in the United States and United Kingdom are facing increasingly divergent realities when it comes to regulatory accountability. And that gap is only growing.

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    U.K. Banking Standards Board releases inaugural benchmark report


    An inaugural report on the overall state of banking culture in the U.K. suggests a widespread respect of risk and compliance, but not so much for speaking up and accountability.

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    MasterCard faces £19bn legal battle over illegal card charges


    MasterCard is facing a £19 billion class-action lawsuit for anticompetitive conduct, making it the biggest claim in U.K. history. The landmark case is notable for another reason, as well: It will be the first case filed under the Consumer Rights Act. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    Anti-Corruption Summit puts spotlight on transparency


    London hosted the first ever international Anti-Corruption Summit last month to champion the fight against corruption on a global scale, with many countries committing to specific action plans. Jaclyn Jaeger analyzes what this all means for companies.

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    CipherCloud unveils GDPR-ready cloud security solution


    CipherCloud, a cloud security company, announced the availability of the industry’s first cloud security solution designed to help companies comply with the European General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR).

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    U.K. Watchdogs Issue New Rules on Clawbacks for Bankers


    The Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England have finished banker rules that could have bonuses clawed back even after a decade of being awarded, if the firm comes under regulatory scrutiny for “potential material failures,” the FCA said. Senior managers aren’t off the hook either: They face a ...

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    U.K. Regulator Slaps Major Banks With Hefty Fines


    The Financial Conduct Authority has fined Bank of New York Mellon £126 million for the lack of compliance monitoring during the financial crisis. In a separate case this week, the regulator also imposed a record fine on Clydesdale Bank for “serious failings in payment protection insurance complaint handling,” the FCA ...