This webcast aired on December 12, 2023.
This webcast does not offer CPE credit.

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We’ll discuss real-life examples of companies who have implemented technologies and techniques to monitor internal controls, increase control testing accuracy, boost security role precision, reduce the cost of compliance, improve ERP operational effectiveness, or recover from a material weakness. We will dive into several real-world examples that can be used to help you re-imagine how these core technologies can help resolve the challenges in your organization.

Enterprise financial systems like Oracle, SAP and Workday provide a lot of capability and value but increase the complexity of identifying and managing risk. With ever increasing regulations and compliance requirements, a resurgence in the number of companies with material weaknesses, and a long list of possible technologies to implement, companies using these systems are looking to increase the effectiveness of their regulatory compliance.

Leveraging the latest technologies, leaders can help improve quality, and enable their people to cover more scope, aiming at reducing risk. Successful businesses and organizations not only meet compliance obligations, but also do so while helping drive business value.

This webinar will discuss the steps leaders can take towards leveraging the latest technology to create a successful, sustainable, and value-based compliance program.

Join us to hear about:

  • Achievable and complete automation of control testing for configuration settings in Oracle Cloud
  • Understanding how to improve your ERP’s full capabilities through KPI Analytics
  • Transforming application security through business-centered Role Design
  • The next evolution of segregation of duties and sensitive access monitoring
  • Demystifying cross-application compliance

This webinar is helpful for leaders and managers in accounting, finance, information technology, compliance, risk management, and internal audit, as well as forward thinking business leaders seeking to proactively drive change and digital transformation in their business.

Stephen D’Arcy, Principal, Enterprise Technology Solutions - PwC
Elizabeth McNichol, Principal, Cyber, Risk and Regulatory - Enterprise Technology Leader - PwC