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    Gaia fined $2M for subscriber overstatement, whistleblower retaliation


    Digital video subscription service Gaia will pay a $2 million fine to the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly overstating its paid subscribers and retaliating against an internal whistleblower.

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    SEC adds whistleblower retaliation charges against ex-NS8 CEO


    Adam Rogas, the former CEO of cyber-fraud prevention company NS8 who was sentenced to five years in prison for fraud, now faces charges of impeding and retaliating against a whistleblower following an amended complaint from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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    EU whistleblower protection law gets go-ahead


    Whistleblower protections against dismissal, demotion, and other forms of retaliation will come into effect in the European Union within the next two years, according to an agreement signed recently by EU leaders.

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    Corporate culture around whistleblowers


    The unspoken reality in the corporate world is that many whistleblowers are deemed complainers, and yet, Congress, regulators, and even the companies that verbally demean whistleblowers recognize that those with personal knowledge of wrongdoing are often best placed to report it, writes The Man From the FCPA.

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    OSHA unveils whistleblower anti-retaliation framework


    OSHA has released its long-awaited guidance on best practices for whistleblower anti-retaliation programs. The recommended framework can be used to create and implement a new program or to enhance an existing program, writes Joe Mont.

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    SEC charges two companies in whistleblower cases


    For the first time ever, the SEC yesterday charged a company for retaliating against an internal whistleblower. It also marks the second enforcement action this week against a company that impeded an employee from communicating with the SEC. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.