​Debate: Experts discuss pros, cons of whistleblower process

Whistleblower vector

Whistleblowing remains a controversial topic—in more ways than one. Even the term “whistleblower” alone is enough to draw a spirited debate.

Renewed attention to the matter in recent months following the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement it would begin a sprint to form its own whistleblower reward program prompted Compliance Week to convene a pair of experts for a discussion regarding a handful of whistleblower-related talking points. CW Advisory Board members Eric Young of Guidepost Solutions and Ellen Hunt of Spark Compliance Consulting participated in the exercise.

For the purpose of trying to address different sides of each issue, Young was tasked to respond in the affirmative regarding each talking point while Hunt was asked to play contrarian. Given that framework, their views expressed below might not be entirely representative of their personal feelings on these subjects.

Responses have been paraphrased for reading convenience.

Topic 1: Whistleblowers are a positive for compliance culture

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