Corporate approaches to risk management are not keeping pace with the velocity and complexity of risk in today’s business environment, suggesting it’s time for a refresh to traditional methods. This e-Book, produced by Compliance Week in collaboration with RSA, explores the many trials and tribulations companies encounter pertaining to third parties and how to overcome the related legal and compliance risks.

First, this e-Book explores how emerging technologies and new commerce models have transformed how businesses operate, and further how companies are balancing innovation with risk mitigation—including third-party risk management, performance integration, cyber-security, and risk reporting to the board. Also included in this eBook is an in-depth white paper produced by RSA that takes a deep dive into how today’s GRC capabilities are helping translate security risks into business terms to foster better business decisions and more efficiently allocate resources that manage information security.

Companies will also learn about the latest third-party risk management trends and best practices, as this e-Book discusses a recent third-party risk management benchmark report on how peer companies are getting a handle on their third-party risks. Finally, it covers how to minimize third-party risks through the drafting of effective compliance and ethics clauses in contracts with business partners.

This is a can’t-miss e-Book for any chief compliance officers, chief risk officers, internal audit professionals, and others looking for ways to enhance a corporate third-party risk management program.