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  • CFPB

    Rohit Chopra-led CFPB cracking down early on data, automation


    Rohit Chopra has led the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for less than a month, but one area of examination and enforcement priority is already coming into focus: data.

  • Technology

    Embracing the potential of tech in legal, compliance


    The pace of technological change can be overwhelming, and in-house legal and compliance teams are yet to lead the charge. This needs to change if businesses are to secure the potential competitive advantages offered by new tech.

  • AuditTech

    The benefits and struggles of marrying audit with new tech


    The never-ending quest to improve audit quality has firms and the audit committees of their corporate clients eyeing how to best deploy new technologies.

  • Blog

    Data can be compliance officer’s best business ally


    At Compliance Week 2018, compliance officers shared tips on how they have developed innovative uses for data to better strategize an approach to compliance.

  • Blog

    Senators demand data use answers from Grindr


    In response to media reports that the LGBTQ dating app Grindr shared information about users’ HIV statuses with third parties, Senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal are demanding answers about the company’s data practices.

  • losangelesdata

    Facebook’s data problems open door to domestic regulation of tech firms


    As Facebook takes heat for how its user data has been exploited for political purposes, some wonder if a homegrown version of GDPR is on the horizon.

  • Blog

    Pilfered data launches Facebook into a battle with regulators, legislators


    Regulators and legislators are demanding answers from Facebook over how an international firm, Cambridge Analytica, improperly used the personal data of 50 million users without their consent to enable the psychological profiling used to sway election results.

  • Blog

    PwC internal audit study centers on need for innovation


    Technology and innovation should be a priority for internal auditors, in terms of both the risks  it produces and how auditors use it to address risks.

  • datasharing

    Data sharing, AI may be antidote to failing AML efforts


    Big data may revolutionize anti-money laundering efforts, but privacy concerns and preserving a human element to compliance programs may get in the way.

  • Blog

    Creating a culture of data in compliance


    How can a chief compliance officer work to improve the company’s use of data to ensure the effective use of such an important asset? Tom Fox explores below.

  • Blog

    Delta Capita launches Big Data as a Service Platform for data analytics and machine learning


    Delta Capita, an independent consulting firm  dedicated to the financial services industry, has launched its new Big Data-as-a-Service Platform, Delta>Data, offering clients a set of flexible solutions to both industry-wide and client-specific issues.

  • Blog

    IIA guidance digs into big data risks, opportunities


    Big data represents both a growing risk and a growing resource for internal auditors, prompting the IIA to offer new guidance to address it and leverage it.

  • Blog

    CFOs, controllers struggle with pace of change, poll says


    CFOs and controllers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in financial reporting, having a significant impact on effectiveness, according to a global EY survey. Tammy Whitehouse has the results.

  • Blog

    Kara Stein: A vision for data at the SEC


    SEC Commissioner Kara Stein has renewed calls to create an Office of Data Strategy that would be tasked with coordinating the creation of a data strategy addressing how the SEC collects, manages, uses, and provides data. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

  • Blog

    FTI Technology launches new investigation features within Radiance


    FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm, announced the latest version of its Radiance vsual analytics software platform. With enhanced visualization and similarity search features, Radiance enables organizations to quickly analyze Big Data in support of investigations or pre-discovery fact-finding.

  • Blog

    New OSHA rule expands injury reports, creates public database


    The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a final rule intended to modernize injury data collection and create “the largest publicly available data set” on work injuries and illnesses. Joe Mont reports.

  • BigDataImage

    Think the FTC Isn’t Monitoring Big Data? Think Again


    Companies that use Big Data analytics will want to carefully review a new report issued this month by the Federal Trade Commission, which warns companies about the sort of ethical, legal, and compliance risks they could encounter when using data analytics practices that fly in the face of consumer protection ...

  • Blog

    Use of Compliance Data an Anti-Trust Violation in Europe?


    How did the collection of Big Data somehow run afoul of European anti-trust regulations? The Man from FCPA takes a look at one of the more puzzling regulatory decisions to come out of the Eurozone recently, and at what it means for compliance officers everywhere.

  • Blog

    U.K. FCA Scrutinizes Use of Big Data by Insurers


    Image: The Financial Conduct Authority is requesting more information from general insurers about big data, which may lead into a market study or further policy or guidance. Big data has the “potential to transform practices and products across financial services,” Christopher Woolard, director of strategy and competition at the FCA, ...

  • Blog

    Why Is Cyber-Security a Process? This Is Why.


    Image: Everyone stresses the importance of looking at cyber-security as a process. Well—why, exactly? How does viewing cyber-security that way help compliance and audit executives? Because, Compliance Week Editor Matt Kelly writes, cyber-threats are equally about building effective processes—to subvert yours. And until we appreciate the nature of cyber-risks, he ...