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    White paper: Optimizing modern ESI investigations to find the facts swiftly

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    The Board of Directors needs an answer before the current reporting period ends. Furtive harassment needs to be uncovered and countermanded immediately. A regulatory agency needs immediate assurance that internal procedures will suffice, otherwise a compliance investigation will be initiated. The CEO needs to know whether terms of the M&A ...

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    Walt Disney Company CFO joins P&G board


    Procter & Gamble at its 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders elected Christine McCarthy, currently chief financial officer of The Walt Disney Company, to its board of directors, effective immediately.

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    EY forms independent audit quality committee


    EY has joined the rest of the Big Four in seeking independent consult on audit quality, forming a committee of outside experts to advise firm leaders.

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    Wells Fargo elects new board member


    Wells Fargo & Company has elected Wayne Hewett to its board of directors. Additionally, Karen Peetz has decided that she will not stand for re-election and will retire as a director at the company’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

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    Only three directors across Big 4 boards are independent


    KPMG has appointed an independent member to its U.S. board, only the third such appointment across the entire Big 4.

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    California first U.S. state to mandate women on boards


    Boards of directors for California public companies will now need to ensure that they seat more women at the table.

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    All eyes on the CBS board of directors


    The role of the board of directors in a best practices compliance program takes on even more importance when senior management engages in recalcitrant conduct. It remains to be seen if the CBS board will step up in a time of crisis.

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    Incorporating compliance into long-term corporate strategy


    How can a board of directors work to incorporate the compliance function into a long-term business strategy of the organization? Tom Fox has a few ideas.

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    Allergan elects new board member


    Allergan has elected John Davidson to its board of directors. Davidson and the other directors standing for re-election to Allergan's board were elected at Allergan's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 2.

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    Responding to setbacks, KPMG adds outside directors


    After some serious blows to its reputation, KPMG has decided to add outside directors to its board.

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    Three steps to fitting compliance into long-term business strategy


    Incorporating the compliance function into a long-term business strategy starts with answering three important questions.

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    The board's role in hiring senior executives


    The Man From the FCPA asks, “What is the role of a board of directors in hiring senior executives, chief compliance officers, and even other board members?” Both fiduciary risk and exposure for the board of directors cannot be overlooked.

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    CCO reporting to a board


    A look at some best practices for chief compliance officers to follow when reporting to the board of directors.

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    Incorporating compliance into long-term strategy


    How can a board work to incorporate the compliance function into a long-term business strategy of the organization? The Man From FCPA offers some suggestions.

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    Former McDonald's executive to join Welbilt board


    Welbilt, a global provider of commercial foodservice equipment, has nominated Janice Fields to stand for election to its board of directors at its 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders on April 27, 2018.

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    Autoliv elects two new board members


    Autoliv, an automotive safety systems company, has added two new independent directors to the Autoliv Board, Hasse Johansson and Thaddeus “Ted” Senko, effective March 2. With the addition of Johansson and Senko, Autoliv has expanded its board size from nine to eleven directors.

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    The board's role in internal controls


    Internal controls for a board or board compliance committee should be broken down into five concepts, says The Man From FCPA.

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    CCO reporting to the board


    Chief compliance officer reporting to the appropriate board of director’s compliance committee has to be structured carefully to promote ethics and compliance. Inside are five best practices that should guide the reporting.

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    Does your board have a compliance expert?


    The Federal Reserve Bank this month assessed a penalty against Wells Fargo for the bank’s widespread customer abuse from its fraudulent accounts scandal, other regulatory violations, and lack of response by the bank’s doard of directors to these problems and other risk management issues.

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    Why board oversight matters, in investing and compliance


    The case of Outcome Health is a clear lesson for the anti-corruption compliance practitioner: Levels of oversight not only provide a backup to make sure that no mistake should slip through, but also the rigor of financial oversight.