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  • Petrobras

    Petrobras receives $112.3M from leniency agreements, other deals


    Petrobras said it has received 425 million reais (U.S. $112.3 million) from leniency agreements and repatriations carried out by Brazil’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

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    SBM Offshore signs leniency agreement with Brazilian authorities, Petrobras


    Dutch oil and gas services company SBM Offshore said it has reached a leniency agreement with Brazilian authorities to resolve allegations relating to the Petrobras bribery scandal.

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    A fine mess in Brazil (and Houston)


    A legal battle between Vantage Drilling and Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company, has put a new twist on contract challenges and FCPA violations

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    Vantage Drilling reaches ‘agreement in principle’ with SEC in FCPA case


    Offshore drilling contractor Vantage Drilling Co. has “reached an agreement in principle” with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding a previously disclosed investigation into potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

  • bestof-2017

    Year in review: 2017


    Compliance Week looks back at the last 12 months and offers a glimpse at some of the biggest news stories in compliance, governance, risk, and ethics.

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    Keppel Offshore to pay $422M to resolve bribery case


    Singapore-based Keppel Offshore & Marine and its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary will pay a combined $422 million criminal penalty to resolve charges with authorities in the United States, Brazil, and Singapore arising from a decade-long to pay millions of dollars in bribes to officials in Brazil.

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    SEC, ICO scams, and Bitcoin


    This week: Bitcoin shows no signs of stopping as it hits more records, the SEC makes first moves against ICO scams, and a Brazillian mayor tries to govern via WhatsApp.

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    Staying home to avoid justice?


    “Honey, I think we should stay at home for Christmas this year.” This is the line that may well have been said by Marco Polo Del Nero, the president of the Brazilian Soccer Federation to his wife, after having been indicted on money laundering charges, but not subject to extradition ...

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    Those pesky hot mikes and insider-trading laws


    Inside is a look at the actions of the Batista brothers, leaders of corrupt firm JBS, which highlights a part of any corruption resolution across the globe: If you hold back information from the government, you will be subject to prosecution for those crimes as well.

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    For leniency, confess all crimes


    The JBS meat-packing scandal is a perfect example of why companies must provide every single shred of evidence of criminal conduct, or a plea agreement might not be worth much.

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    First step to end the Car Wash investigation?


    The will to continue the fight against institutional corruption in Brazil may be waning. From the perspective of The Man From FCPA, it appears that it is the beginning of the end for the seismic change that has come over the country starting with Operation Car Wash.

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    Brazil’s largest corruption investigation in history hits new heights … and lows


    As Brazilian investigators look into massive corruption between public officials and one of the country’s biggest companies, scandal-weary Brazilians wonder when this will all end.

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    FCPA protects the safety and health of Americans


    Some continue to believe that bribery and corruption that occurs outside the United States does not concern the United States, its laws, or is even worth the time of U.S. law enforcement agencies. This myopic view belies both the inter-connectedness of the world’s economy and the facts on the ground. ...

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    When corruption is endemic and structural


    The recent scandals involving JBS, Odebrecht, and Petrobras seem to imply that once Brazilian politicians go on the take, they stay on the take. Time for Brazil to update its anti-corruption regulations.

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    JBS reaches $3.2B leniency deal; makes governance changes


    J&F Investimentos, the holding company of meat-packing company JBS, has agreed to pay a record 10.3 billion reais (US$3.2bn; £2.4bn) fine for its role in a widespread corruption scandal, deepening Brazil's anti-corruption enforcement crackdown.

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    The case for robust FCPA enforcement


    Two recent corruption scandals emanating from Brazil highlight the direct impact corruption can have on U.S. citizens and serve as telltale examples of why a robust FCPA enforcement regime is in the interest of the United States.

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    BRF executives charged in ‘Operation Weak Flesh’ probe


    Brazilian food company BRF confirmed in a statement that two of its executives were among those arrested and charged with taking part in a widespread corruption scandal, dubbed “Operation Weak Flesh.”

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    The meat of the latest Brazilian bribery scandal


    Brazil has a new corruption scandal on its hands, this one dubbed “Operation Weak Flesh.”

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    Brazil’s new approach to compliance


    Brazil is taking a page out of U.S. businesses’ books and moving from paper compliance programs to actually doing compliance.

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    Companies now doing compliance in Brazil


    Corporations in other countries are increasingly moving from a paper-based compliance program to actually doing compliance. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox reports.