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    Brazil’s new approach to compliance


    Brazil is taking a page out of U.S. businesses’ books and moving from paper compliance programs to actually doing compliance.

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    Companies now doing compliance in Brazil


    Corporations in other countries are increasingly moving from a paper-based compliance program to actually doing compliance. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox reports.

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    Braskem to pay $957M settlement in Petrobras corruption probe


    Brazil-based petrochemical giant Braskem disclosed yesterday that it will pay a total amount of approximately US$957 million in penalties and damages to resolve a global settlement related to the massive corruption probe surrounding state-owned oil company Petrobras. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    Will Brazil’s ‘car wash’ end?


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox explores recent reports surrounding Brazilian legislative figures trying to obstruct ongoing corruption investigations.

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    Tipalti adds accounts payable tax compliance support for Argentina and Brazil suppliers


    Tipalti, a global supplier of payments automation, has extended its accounts payable tax compliance capabilities to help companies collect and validate tax IDs from their suppliers in Argentina and Brazil. Businesses engaging with suppliers and partners in those countries can now ensure tax compliance by recording tax information for those ...

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    A second corruption scandal arises in Brazil


    Most of Brazil’s corruption focus over the past couple of years has been around Petrobras and the fallout from Operation Car Wash, but a second corruption scandal (dubbed Operation Zelotes) has arisen in Brazil that could be equally massive—this one relating to tax evasion by not only Brazilian companies, but ...

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    Where will Brazil’s new president take Operation Car Wash?


    Will Brazil’s interim president do away with the country’s fight against bribery and corruption? Early results are not promising, according to FCPA blogger Tom Fox, who offers a further look at recent troubles in the scandal-plagued country.

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    Batista Insider Trading Case: From ‘Landmark’ to ‘Turmoil’ to ‘Farce’


    The already-bizarre Brazilian insider-trading case against former billionaire Eike Batista “desended into farce” this week when the presiding judge was charged with embezzling more than $360,000 in seized money to buy himself a bulletproof Land Rover and an apartment. Prosecutors also claim that Judge Souza destroyed documents pertaining to the ...

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    Petrobras Probe Portends Brazil Enforcement Crackdown


    Image: Suddenly anti-corruption enforcement seems to be serious in Brazil—to the point that businesses working there might want to pay more heed to enforcement risks from Brazilian regulators themselves. The catalyst is the sweeping investigation into state-owned oil company Petrobras, riveting Brazil this month. “We can expect much more enforcement ...

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    Brazil's Landmark Insider Trading Case Derailed as Seized Cash Now Missing


    When we last checked in on the Brazilian insider trading case against former billionaire Eike Batista, the case was, by all accounts, in "turmoil." As I discussed here, the criminal prosecution against Batista -- a landmark case that may make him the first person ever sent to prison in Brazil ...

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    Batista Insider Trading Case in 'Turmoil' After Judge Seen Driving Seized Porsche


    I've been following the interesting insider trading prosecution trial of former Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista that has been unfolding in Rio de Janeiro. Three years ago, Batista was worth $30 billion and was declared "the pride of Brazil" by Brazil's President. After the October 2013 collapse of his oil company, ...