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    Senate approves SEC commissioners after one last look at their views


    Robert Jackson, a Democrat, and Hester Peirce, a Republican, will fill two seats on the SEC that have remained vacant since 2015.

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    SEC's Chair White to depart agency with Obama


    There had been some discussion recently that perhaps SEC Chair Mary Jo White might stay on as chair until President-elect Trump found a new head for the agency, but no more. White announced today that she intends to depart the SEC at the end of the Obama Administration.

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    Will SEC Chair White stay at agency until her successor is in place?


    SEC Chair White has reportedly been asked by both the Clinton and Trump campaigns if she will consider staying on until her successor is in place. Congress' failure to act on two existing commissioner vacancies on the five-person SEC has further raised the stakes on this decision.

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    Sen. Warren asks President Obama to appoint new SEC chair


    Apparently, you can only express your “disappointment” in someone so many times before you need to go to Plan B—take it up with the boss. Bruce Carton explores Sen. Elizabeth Warren's request of President Obama to replace SEC Chair Mary Jo White.

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    Poll: When will Fairfax and Peirce be confirmed as SEC commissioners???


    Bruce Carton asks: Does anyone remember waaaaaaaaaaaay back in October 2015 when President Obama nominated Lisa Fairfax and Hester Peirce as SEC Commissioners? Please take a CW poll on when these nominees will be confirmed.

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    'You don't want to mess with Mary Jo,' baseball edition


    When President Obama introduced Mary Jo White to be his pick to be the new SEC Chair, he famously warned that "You don't want to mess with Mary Jo!" Everyone logically assumed that he was referring to would-be securities fraudsters not wanting to mess with Mary Jo, but perhaps he ...

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    Former SEC Commissioner and Enf. Dir. Irving Pollack Passes Away at Age 98


    Irving M. Pollack, a former SEC Commissioner who also served as the agency's first director of the Enforcement Division, passed away on July 1, 2016 at the age of 98. Pollack served at the SEC for 34 years.

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    Some (minor) movement in SEC nominations of Fairfax and Peirce


    It wasn't much, but given the complete lack of movement in the languishing nominations of Hester Peirce and Lisa Fairfax to be SEC commissioners, we'll take it. On Thursday, May 19, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee finally voted to advance the nominations of Peirce and Fairfax to the full Senate ...

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    SEC commissioner nominees Peirce and Fairfax receive Senate hearing


    This week -- finally(!) -- the Senate Banking Committee held confirmation hearings for the two people nominated to be the next SEC commissioners: Hester Peirce and Lisa Fairfax. Presently, following the 2015 departures of SEC commissioners Luis Aguilar and Daniel Gallagher, the SEC is operating with just three commissioners (Chair ...

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    SEC's Aguilar Looks Back at Seven Years of Progress


    SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar will depart the SEC at the end of this month after serving as a commissioner for over seven years. With his last day at the SEC quickly approaching, Commissioner Aguilar posted an interesting statement on the SEC's website this week in which he shared some ...

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    SEC's Piwowar Takes Another Shot at 'Flawed' Enforcement Statistics


    In a speech this week, SEC Commissioner Michael S. Piwowar took another swipe at the SEC's enforcement statistics, jokingly comparing them to financial statements in a "world where GAAP or other reporting standards did not exist."

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    Aguilar to Depart SEC by End of December 2015


    Image: SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar intends to step down at the end of December. In a letter to the president, Aguilar expressed pride in sponsoring the first Investor Advisory Committee, which was later mandated by Section 911 of Dodd-Frank. Aguilar will leave the SEC as the eighth longest-serving commissioner ...

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    Pres. Obama Nominates Fairfax, Peirce as SEC Commissioners


    This week, President Obama announced his intent to nominate Lisa Fairfax, currently a law professor at the George Washington University Law School, and Hester Peirce, a senior research fellow at the Financial Markets Working Group at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, as SEC commissioners. If confirmed, Fairfax and Peirce will ...

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    Comm. Aguilar: 'Conscientious' Directors Should Not Fear SEC


    Image: In a recent speech, SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar stated that although the SEC does occasionally file cases against directors of public companies, “the vast majority of directors are embracing their responsibilities and are fulfilling them conscientiously. These directors should have nothing to fear from the SEC.” Aguilar said that ...