Consilio’s consulting and services teams assist legal departments of multinational corporations and their outside counsel to respond to legal matters, reduce legal spend, minimize risks and operate more efficiently. Whether they are supporting clients with their eDiscovery, document review or legal consulting services, they pride themselves in delivering service excellence around the globe, wherever it matters to their clients.

They are problem solvers. Their knowledge and best practices have been forged from engagements on thousands of matters with hundreds of clients, all around the world. That knowledge also fuels their own technology innovation in order to provide clients with greater leverage to solve challenges at lower cost, with lower risk and in less time.

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    Companies Look to Combat Corporate Misconduct

    2019-05-15T17:22:00Provided by

    As corporate misconduct, such as sexual harassment and discrimination, continue to make headlines, companies are becoming increasingly focused on detecting “bad behaviors” so they can be appropriately managed.