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  • Ask a CCO

    Ask a CCO: Compliance leaders share pandemic lessons learned


    Six senior compliance practitioners divulge how they fared in 2020, from wrestling with new risks amid the pandemic to the most valuable lessons learned during a year rife with crisis.

  • Carnival

    Chapter 5: The storms merge


    How can Carnival meet the expectations of a government-mandated environmental compliance plan and stay in the court’s good graces while the coronavirus brings business to a standstill?

  • Crisis management

    Eight steps for designing a coronavirus crisis management plan


    With the coronavirus on everyone’s mind these days, companies are having to walk a fine line between taking care to communicate necessary and important information while also preventing widespread panic.

  • Blog post

    ComplianceLine launches dedicated ‘Crisis Line’ service


    ComplianceLine, an ethics and compliance solutions provider, recently launched a dedicated ‘Crisis Line’ Service to address emergency requests from clients managing organizational and reputational challenges. The Crisis Line Service provides an active response to unexpected incidents to safeguard people and clients.

  • panic

    Companies need to do a better job with crisis management


    From natural disasters to cyber-security and supply chain disruptions, companies say they are prepared for a crisis, but those boasts often prove hollow when one hits.

  • Article

    LendingClub could teach Theranos a thing or two about crisis management


    Relatively young, technology-based companies face special difficulties when dealing with crises. Their focus on market disruption and their lack of established credibility make earning public trust even more difficult. And yet, LendingClub shows how it can be done at a time when Theranos certainly failed the crisis management test. David ...