An update for anyone who might still be using the Compliance Week app, first unveiled to the world in late 2013: we have decommissioned our app, in favor of our responsive-design website.

Translation: if you want to read Compliance Week through your tablet, smart-phone, or any other mobile device, just save our website as its own icon on your screen. Everything will work just fine. This is a simpler way to access our content, and an example of technology outpacing itself—by the time our app was ready for broad distribution in 2013, website design had become so mobile-friendly that we no longer needed one.

Need some technical help on adding a website to your mobile device?

Try this page for iPads and iPhones;

Try this page for Android devices.

Our website will look a bit different depending on exactly what device you use, and whether you’re holding it horizontally or vertically. But the content is all there, and your log-in credentials and access rights are the same.