Compliance failures can occur at any time, but what happens when the root of the issue lies in the hands of the chief compliance officer (CCO)? Who becomes liable? The company or the CCO? Walking this tightrope can keep many executives and compliance practitioners up at night.

Produced by Compliance Week in cooperation with Thomson Reuters, this e-Book shows how CCOs can identify violations more readily to avoid being held personally liable.

This e-Book begins with “The Real State of CCO Liability,” which explains how regulators deal with CCOs who fail to act in good faith. Next, “In London, Compliance Officers in the Crosshairs,” the author takes CCO liability one step further and explores recent cases in the United Kingdom, where compliance officers have found themselves wrapped up in legal battles over corporate misconduct. Following this, Thomson Reuters presents “The Cost of Compliance,” which discusses compliance challenges that firms are expected to face within the next year. Next, in “When CCOs Are Held Liable” we look at major cases that brought down top CCOs. Finally, in “Escalation Processes to Avoid CCO Liability,” we show compliance officers how applying the Three Lines of Defense can reduce their risk exposure.