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Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s most trusted provider of answers, helping professionals make confident decisions and run better businesses. Their customers operate in complex arenas that move society forward — law, tax, compliance, government, and media – and face increasing complexity as regulation and technology disrupts every industry. They help them reinvent the way they work. The Thomson Reuters team of experts brings together information, innovation and authoritative insight to unravel complex situations, and their worldwide network of journalists and editors keep customers up to speed on global developments that are relevant to them.

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    Practical Guide to Compliance Technology

    2018-11-06T14:00:00Provided by

    Exactly 50 percent of compliance practitioners we surveyed are looking to upgrade their technology solutions in the near future. In this webcast, we’ll discuss more findings of our survey, review best practices for choosing a software solution suited to your needs, and provide advice on what skills the compliance officer ...

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    Reducing risk in the Financial services industry

    2018-07-26T09:45:00Provided by

    Amid intensified regulatory scrutiny and enforcement in the financial services industry, on top of an astronomical rise in cyber-crimes, prudent financial, risk, and compliance professionals in the financial services industry will not want to miss this e-Book, sponsored by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with Compliance Week.

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    e-Book: The Complexities of CCO Liability

    2015-07-22T15:00:00Provided by

    Compliance failures can occur at any time, but what happens when the root of the issue lies in the hands of the chief compliance officer (CCO)? Who becomes liable? The company or the CCO? Walking this tightrope can keep many executives and compliance practitioners up at night.