Download "Ridding toxins from corporate culture" PDF

There has been no shortage of companies making headlines recently for having in place a toxic corporate culture. This e-Book, sponsored by Skillsoft in collaboration with Compliance Week, explores how companies can rid the workplace of these toxins.

Among the topics this e-Book covers includes an in-depth look at key risks and opportunities for how senior officers and boards can address allegations of sexual misconduct, should it arise. This e-Book also explores what sexual harassment policies and procedures should be in place, and how to enforce them.

This e-Book also includes loads of insight from compliance officers and industry experts on how to establish a robust corporate culture. Among them, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks about the need to establish a firm-wide culture of compliance. You will also hear from an expert panel at CW 2018 who shared best practices for addressing such issues as employee behavior and how to communicate with senior leaders and boards about the importance of preemptive action.

Finally, this e-Book discusses how businesses can integrate compliance training within their business strategy to reduce liability and legal risks, as we explore the five stages of SkillSoft’s Compliance Maturity Model.