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    White paper: Behavior Change Science & Compliance

    2020-02-26T04:35:00Z Provided by

    Influencing behavior is an ongoing challenge in compliance. Much of human behavior is the playing-out of patterns of neuro-associative responses to stimuli in our environment that are repeated and, eventually, become habitual.

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    Halliburton, the FCPA, and effectiveness


    Having a great compliance program means nothing if it exists only on paper. If you want to keep the DoJ and SEC happy, that program must also be demonstrably effective.

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    Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Case Management


    Effective case management is crucial to a compliance program, but developing a process—flexible enough to juggle different types of issues, systematic enough to resolve cases in a timely manner—is the tricky part. This week in a guest column, Marita Janiga, director of the National Special Investigations Unit and the Compliance ...